[ACML] Permission to Play JRock/Pop

chris wanamaker animepimpforever at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 8 12:44:18 EDT 2005

No all the anime art show is being handled by our club.
We have no connection with the library.
Chris W.
DC Anime Club President

Elana Shenton <chiieddy at gmail.com> wrote:
You'll have to call them and ask. Do they have a license covering the
playing of copyrighted music?

On 8/8/05, chris wanamaker wrote:
> Well the location is at the Martin Luthur King,Jr Memorial Library in Washington,DC.
> So what does thaty do for us?
> Chris W.
> DC Anime Club Presdent
> Elana Shenton wrote:
> It depends on your location. Often, the music playing is already
> covered under your venue's ASCAP license. You just have to ask if you
> would be covered under their general license.
Elana Shenton

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