[ACML] Press pass requirements

S. Monroe cousinsue at rcn.com
Wed Aug 3 13:42:37 EDT 2005

>>1) We had a young man come in saying he worked for a 
contact lens company
>>and wanted a press pass.  When we said that he did not get 
pre approval he
>>made a stink in con ops.  I asked him why should he get a 
press pass.  He
>>said that Otakon and Anime Expo gave him press passes.  I 
decided to do
>>I said you can have your press pass but I will contact Anime 
Expo and
>>Otakon.  If I find that they have not given you a press pass 
you will be
>>banned from this convention and I would give his name to 
Anime Expo and
>>Otakon and tell them that he was not a valid press person.  
He backed down
>>and admitted he did not have press passes for the other two 
>I've handled press relations for Anime Boston in the past.  
We've had 
>people give "Con X and Con Y gave me a pass" as their 
primary reason for 
>getting a press pass, but that to me is not a valid reason.  I 
explained to 
>those people that other conventions have different policies 
and approval at 
>another convention does not necessarily reflect approval at 
Anime Boston.
>On a side note, our press passes are complimentary and do 
not require any 
>registration fee.  Current details on press passes at Anime 
Boston can be 
>found here:
>In 2003, we got a number of people claiming to make 
documentaries who 
>requested press passes.  We never saw a single one, so we 
stopped giving 
>them out for student documentaries after that.

We request a copy of anything like that.  I believe we request a 
copy, this year, of anything written as well.


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